Mustio Manor

Mustio Manor and its beautiful surroundings is an experience not to be missed, even kings and tsars were aware of it!

Edelfelt sgl
Edelfelt Single room Room 21 on the 2nd floor. Room 12 on 1st the floor. Room 17 at the side of the building on the 1st floor. No space for extra bed.

99,00 €

Edelfelt sgl I
Edelfelt. Single room on the bottom floor, entrance through side door on the side facing the main building. Room 16 and 17 uses the same entrance. Suites people with reduced mobility.

125,00 €

Small Gottage Twin P
Little Gottage. Twin rooms 32 and 33. Pets welcome. No place for extrabed.

135,00 €

Big Cottage Twin S (Separately placed beds)
Big Gottage Twin. Rooms 52 and 55 upstairs. Two beds separately situated, can not be situated next to each others. No space for an extra bed.

139,00 €

Shingle House Twin
Shingle house. Twin rooms 63 and 64. No place for extrabed.

145,00 €